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Electrical Worker

Maule Tech

Maule Tech is the technical division of The Maule Group Inc. We are licensed electrical contractors with over 15 years experience in the trade. We also have a team of experienced and dedicated mechanical sub-trades that help us tackle any project. 

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Wiring and Panel Upgrades

Interested in a hot tub or an electric car? You may need to upgrade your panel or add a sub-panel in order to accommodate the extra load.

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Generator Installs

Outages are scary and unpredictable. 

Investing in a home generator can help make being without power more bearable — and can even fuel some fun when not being used for an emergency. Home generators come in a variety of types and sizes, from portable versions to "standby" and inverter units. Ask us what we think would be best for you! 

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Network Cabling

Data Cabling is a method of connecting multiple devices e.g PC’s, Printers, CCTV cameras, servers within an IT network. Allow all of your devices to work together for maximum efficiency. 

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